D-Guard Anti-DDoS Firewall 4.95 Free Download


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  • License type: TRIAL
  • Version: 4.95
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  • Date Updated: JUN-19-2015
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Irritated by distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS)? What you need is D-Guard Anti-DDoS Firewall. This application is specially made to protect online businesses, public & media services, essential infrastructure and Internet service providers against almost any kind of attacks, including DoS, Super DDos, IP Flooding and HTTP Proxy.

Instead of rejecting dangerous traffic, D-Guard Anti-DDoS Firewall let the legitimate ones to pass through and manages the worst incidents without affecting its performance. It notifies you with a red light when there are enormous attacks, while its graphical monitoring mode lets you examine the traffic being allowed and denied. What’s more is that this program can also block more than 2,000 types of hacker activities.

Get maximum protection with D-Guard Anti-DDoS Firewall, try this now!

Trial Version Limitations:

- You will be able to use it only during a limited time.

- Some functions are restricted.

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