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Counting on 10 years of steady engine development, Arma 2 performs the most reasonable battle environment in the world. It represents real world ballistics and round deflection, as well as materials infiltration. It highlights an immediate day and night cycle, weather and environmental effects and dynamic wind. The simulation of a battle environment is so efficient with the engine forming the foundation for training simulators used by real enemies in the world over.

Arma 2 is set in the fantastic ex-Soviet state of 'Chernaus'. The game world is basically a 225 square kilometer mass of the true world.

Arma 2 features a well-detailed landscape, which is a careful reproduction of actual terrain. This recreation region comes alive with stunning environmental effects and occupied with active civilian and wildlife settlements. Execute the campaign mission in cooperative approach or participate in the massive multiplayer fights with a maximum of 50 players.

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