Command and Conquer: Gold Free Download


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Launched by Electronic Arts or EA, as part of its 12th anniversary celebration of the Command and Conquer series, you can now experience the cool features of Command and Conquer: Gold.

Command and Conquer: Gold was initially developed by the Westwood Studios. It was basically designed as a real-time strategy game. Players can choose from various multiplayer game options using LAN or Internet connection. In playing this game, you are required to build your own base. You must be smart enough in order to fund production of weapons and forces with which you can assault and defeat your opponent’s base. It is jam-packed with special features which include realistic sound effects, cool background music and digitized speech.

Your Command and Conquer collection won’t be complete without Command and Conquer: Gold so download it now!

Essential Requirements for Software Operations:

- DirectX installation

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