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  • Date Updated: OCT-25-2013
  • Developer: Capcom
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MotoGP 08 is a fast-paced game where the player can have a realistic motorcycling experience. It offers comprehensive features which add to the perfect simulation of racing events.

In this game, the player can enjoy the tournaments in different ways. There are 18 racing tracks from famous locations in the world.

The player can also choose the tires, motorcycles and riders that match his racing style. Therefore, there are lots of rider and motorcycle combinations to enjoy!

In MotoGP 08, the player can find all the elements of motorcycle that he needs. Whether he is looking for the tires, brands, logos, colors or designs, he can get everything here.

Aside from it, the player has the freedom to ride as himself or take the role of a legendary rider instead. The gaming modes that he can engage in include arcade, intermediate and simulation.

The player can also brag his racing skills to other players. This can be done with the multi-player mode of MotoGP 08.

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