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  • Date Updated: MAR-19-2014
  • Developer: Electronic Arts Inc.
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Command and Conquer: Generals brings you to a whole new level of warfare. Here, you are the very influential General. You have full control of a great number of armed forces, as well as the military artillery around the world.

In Command and Conquer: Generals, you need to accumulate successes to be able to promote your armies. Spread your rage and make use of the contemporary armory. Execute urban combat and air-to-air duels among others. The moment you earn points for your skills, more guns and missiles, as well as strategies, will be given to you.

Command and Conquer: Generals offers you three outstanding armies, influenced by the true-world principles, to help you dominate the game. They are the Chinese war machines, the advanced US Force and the ingenious Global Liberation Army.

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