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  • Date Updated: APR-08-2014
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Mafia 2 is the latest series in the classical game Mafia. As the name implies, it is a game that puts together mobsters and gangs.

The game is set between 1945 and 1957. The player takes the role of a young mobster called Vito Scaletta. He needs to take out his adversaries to make his way to the higher ranks.

The action takes place in the Empire Bay City, the old nickname for New York. All throughout the game, the player encounters old-style cars and other vintage items.

In Mafia 2, the player can interact with almost everything on the map. Aside from socializing with other people, the player can even buy food or coffee. This is important to help Vito replenish his energy and revive his stamina.

Since there is no limits in the map provided in Mafia 2, there are lots of ways in which the player can enjoy his adventure. Try it now and discover its other features and functions.

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