Adobe After Effects CS5 Free Download


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Nobody can deny the central place that the Adobe company has with respect to graphics software. Its products are synonyms of efficiency and reliability, as in the case of Adobe After Effects CS5.

Designed exclusively for those people who work with television or movies, this powerful program lets you create animated 2D and 3D graphics and apply incredible visual effects to all sorts of postproduction projects or tasks.

Thanks to its compatibility with the 64-bit operating systems, Adobe After Effects CS5 manages to take design to great levels of resolution and complexity. Its perfect integration with the other Adobe tools allows a more flexible and versatile work.

With support for multiple out put files, Adobe After Effects CS5 never ceases to surprise with each of its numerous features. Try it out now and release all your unlimited creative potential.

Trial Version Limitations:

- You can only use it for 30 days.

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