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  • Date Updated: OCT-30-2013
  • Developer: Valve
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More than ten years ago, a software title showed up on the market of videogames that greatly passed everybody’s expectations. If you already guessed which one it was, you can’t miss its sequel: Half-Life 2.

In this first-person action game, everything will be possible thanks to its excellent physics engine. Shooting an anti-gravity weapon or destroying a zombie with a saw will keep you engrossed.

The Half-Life 2 graphics are simply incredible: they will make you plunge into a parallel world that you will have trouble distinguishing from the real one. The dialogs are ultra-realistic, thanks to the excellent synchronizing of gestures and sound. With respect to the storyline, it follows the course of the first installment, but it evolved to a permanent confrontation of two empires that will enthrall you immediately.

Play the role of Gordon Freeman in Half-Life 2 and plunge once again into a true war of races.

Trial Version Limitations:

- Some features are restricted.

- You can only use it for a limited time.

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