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Are you having a hard time finding a rapid application development environment that allows you to write programs to the best of your ability? Many people have experienced this problem. So why not fix it right now? C++ Builder developed by Borland which is owned by Embarcadero Technologies has the perfect combinations to make this technology sit way above the rest.

Literally competitors of C++ Builder should start taking some notes. This software is also able to be used with many of Delphi’s components and there are no changes that need to be made. This software allows drag-and-drop visual development which makes programming so much easier.

Projects by C++ Builder are also capable of including the Delphi code. C++ headers are emitted from Delphi compilers. This enables the code for C++ to accurately link to methods and classes of Delphi’s like C++ had written them itself. This software is by far the coolest and best out there, try it out and you will see.

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