Counter-Strike Patch 1.6 v43 Free Download


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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 1.6 v43
  • Date Updated: JUL-21-2014
  • Developer: Valve
Counter-Strike Patch 1.6 v43 Free Download screenshot

Counter-Strike Patch is a patch. As one of the best games that not only allowed a lot of people to have lot of fun, but actually revolutionized multiplayer scene in more ways than one, Counter-Strike is one of the best things that game industry ever created. And even thought its popularity is utterly unmatchable, the fact remains that this game started its life as mod for a Half-Life game and as such requires from users to constantly patch it up.

With this in mind it’s easy to understand why its creators took so much effort and publishing all kinds of support tools and patches and Counter-Strike Patch is a perfect example of that. The number of additions and changes that Counter-Strike Patch brings to this great game is really impressive and you should really consider getting it as it not only repairs a lot of things but also adds new content.

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