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In every workplace, complete and organized work related documents are a must. Work would be so much easier to handle if things would go along through that certain way. However, there are times that several pieces of information are incongruent with each other and you need to migrate to another system. In order to do that, you may need to have DBConvert for FoxPro & MySQL.

DBConvert for FoxPro & MySQL is a tool for converting data from a MySQL database to a Microsoft FoxPro database and vice versa. It can be run by just setting up options either through the Wizard interface or the command line mode. A built-in task scheduler is available to set the conversion process to automatic. Among its features would be its ability to support Unicode, has an interactive multilingual phase that can handle English, German, French and Russian languages. It also has a GUI mode for all tools and an advanced command line mode.

With DBConvert for FoxPro & MySQL, conversion is easier and more convenient for everybody.

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