Illustrator CS6 Free Download


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Images, graphics and photos for your websites are not a problem when you use Illustrator CS6. This software has been specially developed as an image editing application for web graphic designers. You can now take on resolution independent effects such as textures, raster, blur and shadows easily, while maintaining their quality across various media platforms.

Illustrator CS6 also lets you apply live effects and edit them at any time, without affecting your current artwork. The software’s Isolation Mode also allows you to temporarily edit a specific object while leaving the rest of your work area untouched. Simply revert back if you do not achieve the effect you so desire.

In opened, linked or embedded Photoshop files, you can have maximum control over the visibility of different layers, all inside Illustrator CS6. Ready to layout your site’s design? Then download this software and give it a try!

Trial Version Limitations

- You will only be able to use it for 30 days.


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