OpenOffice 4.1.0 Free Download


OpenOffice 4.1.0 Free Download screenshot

As the best Microsoft Office alternative, OpenOffice is the best free program that you can download on your Windows operating system and replace Microsoft Office fast with a better solution.

There have been very free programs that have actually tried to replace the standard Office solution on Windows platforms and those that you could download for this sort of task soon stopped their development. This fast loss of competition meant that Microsoft Office is the only solution that you could use for a lot of time until OpenOffice came along.

OpenOffice is a really great replacement for the old Office program on Windows and it actually allows you to replace this pricey solution with a while range of free tools that you use with this great application. At the same time this program also has a fast way of updating its functionality by allowing users to download various additional tools as well.

All this can become a bit hard to deal with when you just first download this free program, and the process of adjustment on the new set of controls of OpenOffice won’t really go all that fast. Fortunately when you actually spend some time using the tools that this program provides, you will see just how great it really is and how much it really enriches Windows platform.

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