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  • Version: 16.00
  • Date Updated: MAY-10-2016
  • Developer: 7-Zip.org
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Have you got little space in your hard disk, folder or directory? Solve this problem in just one click with 7-Zip, a fabulous files compressor.

7-Zip is a programme which will help you to compress different and multiple files at the same time in a fast and simple way. At the same time, it will incredibly reduce their size to almost the 50% of the initial volume.

To achieve its aim, this application works with “7z” a high compression level format which will allow you to obtain a compact file without losing the original quality.

Apart from that, this software is capable of encoding and decoding other extensions such as ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR, though it is also characterized for decompressing RAR, CAB, ISO, MSI, WIM, among others.

Besides, it has an intuitive and Multilanguage interface which arranges its options so that you can distinguish them at first sight and it even integrates its functions to the Windows contextual menu, so as to reduce the number of steps to be followed when performing the compression.

Save space and win in portability with the great 7-Zip.

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