mIRC Power Pack Lite 8.0.0 RC12 Free Download


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mIRC Power Pack Lite is a script for gamer oriented users of mIRC.

mIRC is one of the most popular IRC chatting tools, and as such it is often considered as one of the best. Unfortunately while all this is true, mIRC is also one of the oldest IRC chat programs and the only thing that serves as its main defense from the time that keeps on going is constant support of its community trough many different plug-ins and scripts.

mIRC Power Pack Lite is one of those great scripts which allows you to interconnect through your favorite games with IRC chat. It comes with support for five game browsers, from which you can choose whichever you like.

Aside from that mIRC Power Pack Lite also comes with Connection manager which allows you to be connected to several networks at once all under different nicknames and ID’s and many other options which will make your chatting on mIRC best possible.

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