QuickTime Player + iTunes 10.6 Free Download


QuickTime Player + iTunes 10.6  Free Download screenshot

Do you want a programme which allows you to watch and reproduce Quick Time films via Internet and that at the same time is a standard Apple (MOV) reproducer? Then you need QuickTime Player + iTunes. This package will take to the highest level your multimedia experience in the computer.

With QuickTime Player + iTunes you obtain a dynamic visualizer (Quick Time) which supports the QT, MOV and other standards. It even has sound adjustment control to enhance it.

Besides, the application iTunes is multifaceted because it offers many advantages to the users, especially to those who have Apple devices such as: iPhone, iPod, AppleTV and their byproducts.

From transferring music, to obtaining melodies and extracting the music content from compact disks to the support of the information of the above mentioned phone are some of the tasks QuickTime Player + iTunes can perform.

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