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  • Version: 6.00.078
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  • Date Updated: JUL-03-2013
  • Developer: Slim Browser 6.00.078
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Slim Browser is an Internet browser.

With the number of Internet browsers available today, it can be hard for any new user to decide on which new browser to choose from and while there already are a lot of well established names like Firefox or Internet Explorer, certain new Internet browser named Slim Browser, has been taking more and more attention from the other similar solutions.

It has become something of a rather impressive new contender in the world of Internet browsers. Slim Browser is simple technology that makes all other programs of this type look obsolete and old in comparison to this brand new software as the sheer number of improvements and features that very few other browsers can even come close to contending with. And all these are just a part of the capabilities that this great browser will provide you with.

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