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  • License type: Adware
  • Version: 0.9.14
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  • Date Updated: OCT-08-2013
  • Developer: Win32Whois 0.9.14
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Win32Whois is a fast, powerful and small tool which enables you to retrieve information regarding registration for a specific website or domain. This software will take a hostname, IP address or URL and will create a detailed report recording all the accessible contact and technical information which can’t be located.

The generated log can be stored as a file or can be utilized to track down the spammers, owners and administrators website. Win32Whois has an internal record of servers which it connects to offer a detailed report based in the requested domain.

Win32Whois has multiple features. This program lets you store report to a file, retrieve IP block for the IP address, handles simple URLS, supports SOCKS 4a/5 type proxies, HTTP with optional authentication, highlights or detects email addresses and a lot more.

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