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  • Version: 1.2
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  • Date Updated: OCT-08-2013
  • Developer: Auto DVD Labeler 1.2
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Auto DVD Labeler is a label designer.

One of the best ways to make sure that all your discs and other data mediums are properly cataloged and stored is to create good CD covers as that way you can always know what is on those CDs and where you need to put them. But in most cases this kids of approach is rather tiresome as you not only have to deal with the nonstop printing and organization of CD covers but you also have to create them at the same time and add to that the time that you would need to gather all the relevant information about the items stored on your CDs and you can quickly deduce that it would all, simply take too much time. Luckily Auto DVD Labeler can help you in this particular area as Auto DVD Labeler was created to fix precisely this sort of problem and complications and will enable you to quickly create any sort of cover that you need and provide you with all the information at the same time.

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