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  • Version: 2.0
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  • Date Updated: SEP-11-2013
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The cultural interchange generated by Internet has revolutionized the different ways of communication between the users. With this panorama in sight, the constant requirement is to efficiently understand each word which appears in other language. To do it, it is indispensable to have a tool such as Traductor Global.

This fabulous software allows the translation of 14 different languages using a very easy to implement mechanism. To obtain good results with Traductor Global it is only necessary to paste a fragment of the text to be translated and to initiate the procedure. In a few seconds, this utility will offer you an accurate interpretation.

Besides, Traductor Global also incorporates the function of “Traductores Nativos” (native translators) which consists in clearing the doubts regarding the use the different expressions have in practice. This capability is supported by the help offered by native speakers.

Download Traductor Global and take advantage of this excellent opportunity to understand everything existing in the Web!

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