Bulk Rename Utility (XP/2003/Vista) (64-bit) (64b) Free Download


Bulk Rename Utility (XP/2003/Vista) (64-bit) (64b) Free Download screenshot

It is a free and flexible file renaming software for all your files. Bulk Rename Utility allows you to easily rename files and entire folders you have stored in your computer. It is ideal for huge numbers of pictures or music collections.

It has many parameters for renaming the files, including characters to replace or remove, add auto-numbers, insert time, convert case, additional prefixes and much more.

You can also define a new path to save the renamed files and establish filters to avoid processing certain files.

As any good program of this kind, Bulk Rename Utility integrates a small file explorer to easily and quickly access to those directories in which you need to work.

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