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How much music do you have on your PC? It is ordered? If it isn’t, here you have the perfect tool to do it.

With Scratchboard you can classify and organize your favorite songs within minutes. You can also classify your music assigning scores to your favorite songs. Thus you can create a playback list adapted to your preferences.

The possibility of copying, pasting and moving individual files as well as complete folders is another feature this program has. It also lets you run playback commands sent from a computer connected to the network, having a copy of Scratchboard installed.

If you want to extract the music from a CD to save it to the computer, with the option “Rip CD” you can do that within minutes, keeping the quality of the original contents.

Isn’t this a useful application? Download Scratchboard right now and try it out for yourself.

Trial Version Limitations:

- Some features are restricted.

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