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  • Version: 1.4.0
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  • Date Updated: JUL-04-2013
  • Developer: JDiskReport 1.4.0
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JDiskReportis a useful application with which you will be able to know the space your folders and files occupy in the hard disk. This will help you to find those obsolete contents which unnecessarily reduce the storage capacity.

The programme will base the results on a deep analysis of the disk, which will include each directory of the operative system as well as all the files stored there. In a few minutes, you will obtain a detailed report, together with a “cake” graphic to easily visualize the space occupied by each type of file.

JDiskReportis also capable of rearranging the different files according to their modification date, size or other criteria which will contribute to speed the search of useless objects or of those objects which make an excessive use of the available space. If you experience a low level of storage in your computer, this utility can be useful.

Indispensable requirements for the operation of the Software:

Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

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